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Ewa Michalak S Jeżynka 65FF

When the M Jeżynka popped up on Ewa Michalak's website, I knew I wanted to try it. Problem is is that the M style is designed for smaller busts and does not come in my size. A quick email to Ewa later I found out that I could order it in an S style and since I was already in contact with Ewa I decided to buy it through here to see what the special ordering process was (I usually buy through Jaimie at Bra Obsessed). It was easy enough: I told Kaska (Ewa's customer service maybe?) what I wanted and what sizes and they set up a special order for me and paypaled me an invoice. It is rather easy. It arrived today and while it is close enough to its pictures, it's different enough for me to not be as in love with it as I was the original M Jeżynka. It does have its pros and cons as I will detail. If you order a different style or a special size, it costs 40 pln extra. It also means you can't return them, which is a bummer in my case because I probably would. This is my first Ewa experience that I've felt this way: bummed out in how it turned out and hoping I could do a return. The quality is also not what I've come to expect from Ewa.

Stock photo

The bra as pictured on the website has gorgeous bright pink cups with lace trim. Note how on the
cups there is almost no lace except for a peek at the bottom-it's almost all solid pink. I'm just speculating here, but I believe the lace repeats too close together for an all pink cup to be possible in a larger size/this style and so the lace that edges the cup is also on the cups themselves-on the seams. It is beautifully well crafted, however-whoever made it has painstakingly lined the lace up so that it repeats and has carefully mirror imaged it and I am thankful for that. The straps too are the same as on the M style which is what I was afraid of. They are thin and stretchy and so awful. They are my least favourite type of strap and I have them adjusted all the away. The band is also slightly big and it stretches to 30.5 inches. The cups however are the narrowest 65FF S style wires I've seen yet at a width of only 5.375 inches. The attention to detail in this bra is very nice and there were some unexpected elements that I appreciate. I also found a real camera to use but these pictures were taken with my laptop because I wanted to catch the last of the sunlight and didn't have time to figure out how to take photos of myself with the camera. Here's how the S Jezynka turned out for me. Be warned, there are plenty of pictures. I might have gotten carried away with the novelty of an actual camera.

With pads. I tried it on this way first because it comes with the pads in and I didn't realize that I would have to tighten the straps allllll the way. You can see here that my cups have lacy pattern on them rather then bright pink which does disappoint me a little but it is growing on me. I know I said this but I really really appreciate all the care that went into the pattern matching of the lace. It's almost flawless-you can see on the angle that there is almost no break in it and it is mirrored on both cups.

The colour was so hard to catch. I love how narrow the wires are in this style. The straps look closer set then normal but because of the style of them they don't feel it. It's hard to put them on or adjust them without them flipping or twisting. They are extremely stretchy and I had to adjust them all the way for the cup to not gape. I like all the little details in this like the purple clasps and the pink metal findings on the straps. I feel like the shape of this one is pointier then my Syrena. I compared the two  and everything is the same though. The bands are the same length so I suspect this fabric/lace is stretchy. It is however very soft. There's a double layer of the knitwear and the lace is only one layer.

Imagine my delight when I saw that the wire channels were purple! It's like my little secret. The cups are lined with foam that feels nice and light-weight and there are cookie pockets with cookies. 

So this is probably the best representation of the purples. Close up of the textured strap, bow and pink metal adjuster.

The lace was so hard to capture. The lighter stuff is pearly and not flat but I hope here you can see how beautifully the lace was matched. I know I keep harping on but that stuff is hard to do and I'm impressed!

Here is the thong modeled by my lovely assistant Nigel the sloth. It is entirely sheer except for a panel at the front. It has 3 bows. Even though it is made of stretchy lace I feel that it runs true to size and I love it. I love the fact that it's almost all lace and the lace is soft and stretchy I can tell it'll be super comfy to wear.

 So besides the unexpected lace placement and straps, the quality was also unexpected. Normally the quality is flawless but on the wings/back of the band there are several instances where the knit fabric wasn't cut neatly so it peaks over the purple strappy bit. On the thong (I hope my photo shows this) on the back there is elastic running up the thin bit. However, the elastic was not sewn equally so it sticks out far more on the side that is on the bottom then is on the top. I'm sure my boyfriend won't notice but I do and it's unexpected that one of Ewa's sewists let this slide.

This bra is growing on me and I appreciate all the work that went into it and especially that Ewa was willing to make it for me special. Jaimie at Bra Obsessed up in Canada can order this in the M style for 80 CAD or if you would like it a PL or S style she can order it for an extra 15 CAD (around what you would pay if you ordered straight from Ewa). If you want to order from the States if you're in said states, Zathiya does not have it on their site but you can always email and ask them to order for it I do believe. The cost for the S style will be a little higher, but I'm not sure what Zathiya charges. And of course you can order straight from Ewa if you're comfortable doing so. Even though it said ready in 11 days, from ordering to shipping it took mine 22 days but shipping from Poland to the States was only six days! Six! Even though I said I wish I could return this in the first paragraph, I think writing this has helped me change my mind. Even though it's not quite what I have in mind, it is rather lovely and a worthy addition to my bradrobe.


Here are some photos of me wearing the thong since I don't think my fuzzy assistant did it justice:

The lace is really wide and comfortable. I think the decision to use almost all lace works very well with the flirty nature of the bra. It's my favourite style of Ewa's thongs because it is extremely comfortable and looks great.

According to Jaimie at Bra Obsessed, the sizes for custom styles are limited and I can understand why. I would not recommend this bra with these stinking straps to anyone who has very heavy or very large boobs (I hope that doesn't sound bad, I just can't think of a cup range. It might work for someone who's a 30G but not someone who's a 32G so that's what I mean). You know your bust best and what works for you. If you love skinny straps, go for it! If you don't, sadly this might not be the bra for you.

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