Sunday, November 20, 2016

Wellfitting Meow Classic Demi in 65HH

I have always wanted a bra like this-covered in a quirky or weird print and cats definitely suit the bill! Ordering this bra was not as easy as ordering from some other retailers. Originally, this bra was going to be available in a longline only. I emailed Wellfitting to confirm the rumor and when they did, they also asked if there was anything they could do to help me out. I asked if I could order it as a regular band and they just responded by saying it was longline only. No explanation, no nothing. What's the point of asking if they could help if they would refuse my simple alteration? They partner with Comexim, which is one of the most alteration friendly brands to work with. I understand if Wellfitting just didn't want to logistically deal with a million and one alterations but I thought that offering it in a regular band was a reasonable request. I am not ashamed to say I bugged them and got others to bug them and eventually they offered it in the regular as well as long band. My biggest issue, besides the original lack of regular band, was the price. Comexim sells bras for max $40 USD. Wellfitting's cheapest bra is $59, while their most expensive is $90. That means that they're marking their bras up at least 50%. I would never ever pay that much for a Comexim bra unless it was a print that I will never find any where else, like the Meow. Honestly, the prices are expensive, you can no longer return stuff to the US and the customer service wasn't anything special. I appreciate all that Wellfitting does and is but I doubt I will be a repeat fan. While companies like Bra Obsessed and Zathiya sell their Polish bras for a markup, it comes with unbeatable customer service and still reasonable prices.

The Meow is available in longline and regular bands as a 'classic demi' only. The classic demi is their term for a 3 HC cut. There is a high-waisted brief, regular brief, and thong as coord options. It has a plain black back for the bra and coord as well as kind of cheap feeling straps. The cups fit perfectly, although the measurements say that shouldn't be possible. It's super deep and super open so while not the shape I originally wanted (I really wanted the plunge cut) it still gets along perfectly well with my body. I'd say it fits tts for a Comexim 65HHI am also not ashamed to say I emailed Anna at Comexim to ask for one alteration: moved in straps. I sent her my Wellfitting order number and practically begged her to do this one thing for me. While I have no proof that it was done, when trying it on the straps are so far from my armpits it's hard to believe it wasn't. On Wellfitting, it says that it may take up to 4 weeks for manufacturing and in my case it took the full 4 weeks, although shipping to the States was quick enough (I'm still waiting on something shipped from Canada that was shipped 11 days ago).

Look at how narrow set those straps are! This is what heaven looks and feels like guys! The foam on this bra is medium thick. It's more of an hourglass from the sides look rather than all pushed in to the front. The gore overlaps and is super narrow. The bow is super adorable. It's orange with two little silver ribbons put on top to look like whiskers. The center gore is kind of high (2.75 inches) and is taller than other 3HCs I own. This difference is noticeable but still tolerable. 

The silky ribbon on top of this bra might make it a smidge more closed off but unless you're super full on top I wouldn't worry about it. The immediate projection is great and gives me plenty of room for my breasts to sit.

Relatively narrow cups. I'm grateful for the all black band because, while I love cats and floral, I think that it would be super overwhelming to have this particular pattern continue onto the band and back of the bra.

If you look closely, you can see some sort of weird shiny texture on top of the cat print. This disappoints me so much. It cheapens the look of the bra and makes no sense whatsoever. It would make more sense on a plain bra but on a patterned one it's overwhelming and distracting.

Narrow set straps! Love love love! My favorite Comexim alteration. The straps have some kind of decoration on them to stop them from slipping. They are kind of stretchy but not too bad. I cannot fault the quality of the bra, besides the odd textured overlay. It's a buttery soft fabric with cotton lined cups. The satin binding on the top has been carefully stitched so that it's smooth and the foam is nice and supple and not rustley. The powernet on the wings feels strong but not scratchy. It looks like some kind of fabric tape has been placed over the seams on the inside, maybe to strengthen them or to provide a smoother fit? One side of my bow is twisted like a mobius strip. No one else will probably notice it but I do and it bugs me. It shouldn't have been overlooked, especially at this price point.

I purchased the matching thong for this in size medium. I'd say it runs relatively true to size but if you're between sizes size up. The edges of the thong are bound in the same satin as on the top of the cups and the back is sheer mesh. It's one of my new favorite sets to wear.

I applaud Wellfitting for its diverse ad campaign and range of models. I, however, cannot justify the prices on bras that I could either get somewhere else cheaper or get something comparable and cheaper. The customer service was just okay and I would much prefer it if you could still return stuff to the States as to me that was a major selling point in the beginning of its existence. I'm too lazy to return stuff but it was nice to have that option in the back of your mind, especially for those who are new to the world of Polish lingerie. I hate having to write reviews that are less than positive, especially for a independent company that is producing good product. I think I'll stick to buying direct unless they come out with another cool print bra because to me personally, that is the only thing that makes the price point worth it.

Wellfitting Meow Classic Demi 30HH

* Stretched band length: 30.0in
* Band length: 23.0in
* Cup width: 5.5in
* Cup depth: 9.0in
* Wire length: 9.5in
* Cup separation: 0.3in
* Cup height: 5.5cm
* Gore height: 2.8in
* Wing height: 4.0in
* Strap width: 0.6in
* Hooks: 2

Full details at:

Monday, November 14, 2016

Mini Reviews! Forever 21, Soma, and Victoria's Secret

At my closest mall, we have very little in the way of bras outside of Victoria's Secret (VS) and Soma. I love Forever 21's selection of cheap, adorable bralettes/bras but they don't really work for me (not that stops me from trying!). I, as usual, tried something on from Forever 21 even though I know it wouldn't fit-I'm definitely not a 32C! Outside of the Forever 21 '32C', I wasn't really planning on turning it into a bra trip. I thought I was going to write a quick post on Forever 21 and be done with it. However, my fuller-figure friend wanted to stop into Soma. While we were waiting for her to join us from her bathroom break, I discovered someone I knew was working there. I figured it didn't hurt, and asked her what the smallest band/biggest cup size they carried. I was told that it was a 32G US, which translates to a 32H UK! Doing that research makes me realize I definitely did the mental conversion wrong because I thought that the 32G US was smaller then the UK conversion size. That does explain why nothing fit in that size though. I tried on the most at Soma. Finally, we ended up at VS. We always end up at VS. My friend loves their underwear and fragrances and stuff and I like to wonder around. I only tried on one bra, but it was a hell of an experience. Excuse any funny faces/lighting: fitting room selfies are extremely awkward.

This is the 32C from Forever 21. I wish I could have tried it on in a 32D but this was the smallest band/biggest cup I could find. It's super cute but everything is wrong. The cups are made of a stretchy soft lace that is not very supportive. I loved the bold mesh lace and the color of the bra. 

Sad sad shape. I get no support. I think it was a triangle seam cup with a side sling for added support. Straps were stretchy, cups were stretchy, band was stretchy. No support.

The band was divided into two parts: a mesh half and then a trendy strappy bottom half. Note the side sling-I'm not entirely certain it did anything.

The gore was too wide and rested on tissue. I thought it was an interesting way to treat the gore.

So Forever 21 was a bust. So many cute things-nothing in my size! On to Soma. I hate to say that I was a really bad bra blogger and forgot to note what style these were. :/

So I first asked for the smallest band/biggest cup they had. I had my conversions mixed up and thought that the US size was larger then the UK size. Knowing that it is the opposite explains why these next two bras were so damn big on me. Interestingly enough, this one and the tan one are molded cups. They're very thin and flexible like fabric though but offer no seaming.

Both bras in 32G US were far too shallow at the root for me. They were also full coverage and all up in my armpit. No bueno. I asked for the next size down and my friend brought me...a 32DDD. I was too confused to ask how that worked. I was expected a 32F (because a 32DDD could be considered a 32E). Doing some research, Soma has 32Es listed from the retailers Freya and Fantasie. 32F isn't even an option. The next time their own brand pops up is in 32DDD. If anyone can make heads or tails of that let me know!

So here is this tan one 32DDD. The volume is pretty good on the larger boob. I'm not entirely certain how much of that extreme wrinkling on the other is due to size difference and what is due to my taking photos. Again, super full coverage-tall cups, tall gore, long wires, tall wings. 

Band is true to size.

I didn't dislike this bra at all. However, for 65 or whatever dollars, I better be pretty damn wowed and to be honest I thought this bra was butt ugly. That plus the less than perfect fit made it a no go.

So here is Soma's version of a pushup bra (also in 32DD). Very shallow and wide. I almost hate to admit this...but I bought this bra. I know. It does not fit. It is a Bad Fit with capital letters. Yet, it is comfortable and soft and I have some clothes that are so clingy that even my flattest Ewas don't hide under them. Also there was a sale if you bought two so you know. I did this so my friend could get the deal. Anyway: shallow, wide, no immediate depth. Medium wings, low gore.

Band is nice and firm for a 32. I'm estimating 30/31 off the top of my head. I get some quad when I wear this as well as deep wrinkling in the bottom of the cups. Since this is a bra for certain outfits mainly, this was not as big a concern as it would be in a bra I'd wear every day. I'll go into this more in depth with my review, but I think the quad is actually from a shape mismatch and not a size one. I plan on putting in narrower wires but I'll go into that in my review, as well as my very pleasant store experience. 

And finally, Victoria's Secret. I haven't bought a bra from them since I found a bra that fits. And even then I wasn't buying bras from there. This was by far the most unpleasant experience. There was a very very pushy saleswoman who was trying way too hard to make the sale. I saw a 3 part cup in store but it didn't come up to a 32DDD or I would have tried it on. I tried on a longline and it's a laughable fit.

This bra was just a mess. It was too small and shallow, the band shifted around, the gore was too wide and I had quad. And the straps weren't fully adjustable! There's nothing special about the front of the straps that would necessitate half adjustable straps. I was very disappointed with my overall experience at VS.

Overall, I'd reccomend Soma if you are in their size/price/shape range. The bras are super comfortable and they do have some cuter options. I did not get sized so I cannot judge that part of the experience. However, the store was very pleasant and everyone was super nice. They also wrap your packages up really nicely with tissue and don't fold them to put them in a bag. I hope to have my full review of my Soma t-shirt bra up within two weeks at the latest. Thanks for reading! I hope this helped.