Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Aerie String Bikini in Medium with Medium Matching Bottoms and Medium Swim Shorts from JC Penny

Quick review because I'm putting off applying to jobs. I decided it was time I buy a suit of some sort since the last time I did was in 8th grade so like 9 years ago? Something like that. Not much to comment on here, except that string bikinis are not the best on me. However, I did buy it because neon pink and birds. I didn't like how low cut the bottoms were so I hopped on over to JC Penny and bought swim shorts in a size medium. I bought the suit from TJ Maxx so your mileage may vary.

Sorry I don't have too many photos of the top, but the sides and back aren't too exciting. I get great cleavage, and it fits fine if i don't move. I can't swim anyway, so that doesn't really bother me too much.

Best photo of the minor quad I could manage. The halter hurts my neck but not too badly. It's still wearable. I can slide the cups along the string to somewhat adjust the fit and what part of my boob I want to expose.

I'm sorry I don't have a picture of the set all together, but I took the top off before I thought about it and then was too lazy to put it back on. Imagine lots of pink and you got it. I wish these bottoms were higher cut. They don't look too bad from the front but I hate how they look from the side. I have not worn them out for this reason.

Love the back coverage. Cheeky and flirty but appropriate. If I could find a style like this in a higher rise I'd buy them.

Plain and boring black but it matches everything.

Tummy is sucked in nicely.

Fuller coverage on the back, but they don't ride up or give me a wedgie so I don't mind. I wish they weren't so matronly looking but I couldn't find a cheeky bottom with a higher cut waist and I was bored already after visiting two shops. Also, I'm pretty broke at the moment.

Next reviews will be focused on what is still in stock or available from Ewa and Freya and then I'll discuss the discontinued styles I have.

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