Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bra Obsessed Exclusive Comexim Port in 65H/30FF

So as hinted in my Old Navy swim review, I ordered a Comexim bikini top from Bra Obsessed and it arrived today! This lovely black number is called the Port and it is exclusive to Bra Obsessed. Jaimie also has several other exclusive Comexim bikinis. If you'd like to order straight from Poland, be warned that Comexim is on vacation right now and orders won't be fulfilled until August. If you'd like to order within the states, Zathiya has the Navy Comexim bikini in stock. I didn't want to wait for Comexim to fulfill my order so I chatted with Jaimie about my options. I really liked this Salma but I would have needed it in a three-seam half cup and I didn't want to wait, remember? So I decided on the Port. Jaimie also was very helpful in helping me figure out what size and under her advice I chose a 65H/30FF UK. I hoped it would fit, but based on previous experiences with a two-seam half-cup in 65H and a three-seam in 65HH I was wary. I had no reason to be because it fits! The only thing I would change is the straps. I appreciate the half-adjustable straps because they don't look too bra like but I'm too short for most half-adjustable straps.

This bikini is a plunge cut. I am not sure if there are any alterations that come standard on a bikini cut that are different then a standard plunge bra-compared to other plunges I tried it seems rather low-cut in gore and cup. I was afraid that I'd quad in the center due to the plunge style cutting into my inner fullness but there is almost none. It's a tad small on my bigger side but quite frankly, it's a bikini top and my standards are a smidge lower for a bikini top then a bra. As others have said, better to have a little tiny bit of quad in a bikini than a little bit of gapping. The band is short but stretchy and there are 2 layers in the band. The band is also nice and thick by the clasp which is metal. All the findings are gold and help this bra look that much more luxurious. This bikini is probably one of the softest bra-type garment I've ever touched. So silky and totally looks more expensive then it was. A plus in my book! The straps are wide and don't feel like they'll slip. I kinda wish they were shorter, but I don't want to permanently alter them a little shorter till I see how it fairs in the water.

I did not realize I had failed to take a normal photo of the front until the light had gone so I quickly took this photo with my laptop. I love how low the gore is-it gives me great cleavage but doesn't feel too sturdy. Luckily I go to the beach to look decorative and not actually swim (fun fact-I can't actually swim all that well). If you see something different about that gore, fear not! I have photos of that too and some words on it. You aren't going crazy, it is different then normal.

Look at the fabulosity my boobs achieve. No bows or extra frills or anything bra-like. Just soft silky cups and spiffy gold fasteners.

My apologies-I did not realize the band was folded over. It has a habit of doing that. A little pointer then I was expecting given the shape from the sides but I don't mind. Look how low those wings are though. I was afraid the straps would be too wide like they were in the other Comexims I tried but these straps are so narrow set they are well clear of my armpits. The wings too are nice and low-set. 

I need to refine my back photo taking skills. This has a u-back which I love. Seems to be more comfortable but I don't know if that's just my imagination. The clasp is really sturdy and made of metal but it's a devil to do up. I'm sure I just need practice but it took me at least five minutes all 3 times I tried it on. The band does stretch a considerable amount-9 inches-but it is true to size and thanks to those 3 layers it does feel very sturdy. I wonder how it will hold up to water. I hope it doesn't stretch too much more.

If the straps were just a little shorter, I'd get more cleavage and feel maybe a smidge more secure. I am lazy however and waiting to wear it in the water at least once to see if I really need to shorten them or if I can get away with keeping them as is.

Smidgen of quad on my larger breast but who cares. I have a bikini that fits and makes me feel so fricking good. I love this bikini and I'm glad I ordered one and it fit almost perfectly the first go round. 

Here's some glamour shots:

As promised, a close up of the gore. Every bra I have tried thus far has been straight across at the gore but this one is notched. I can only imagine that's to have the look of an even lower gore while maintaining the stability of a higher one while also giving it a more bikini, less bra-like appearance.

Overall, I think Comexim knocked it out of the park with this one. The construction is very sturdy and the bikini is very classy. I love that the adjusters and clasp is metal and the gore is pointed. It is a basic black bikini top, but the amount of thought and care that is put into it is incredible. I am so happy to have a well-fitting bikini top and I can't wait to wear it out. In fact, I'm so excited that I've already made plans to go to the beach! This bikini is luxury at an affordable price.

And a sneak peak of what's coming up next (just because I'm so excited about this bra. I decided practicality first so that's why the bikini was the first one reviewed).

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