Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ewa Michalak CHP Mak 70FF

I love my 65FF CHPs from Ewa and I have plenty to prove it, but I get the teeniest amount of quad when I wear them. It's not too noticeable under clothes and it's something I can deal with but I was wondering if the next size up would work better. Since my experience with the 65G S Syrena led me to believe that a 65G CHP would leave me with wires too long and straps that are way too wide set instead of just a little I decided to try one band size up and one cup size up in the CHP style if I got a chance. I was hoping it would be graded a little differently so the wires and strap placement would not be an issue. I was correct on that point.

However, because I sister sized up, the band is too big. The seller said that it wasn't too stretchy and ran to 30 inches which is already an inch longer than is ideal for me. I bought it on that information (and the fact that it was so cheap helped too) but the band is too long. I could take it in easily but the cups are too big. Besides, I have plenty of bras that fit well enough and I don't love this one enough to really want to shorten the band. I'd rather pass it on to someone else. The bra is gorgeous. It's the most beautiful tomato red and the lace is classy, not tacky. The lace on the band is backed by some matching red mesh for stability. The cups are lined in cotton which I appreciate. My photos don't give this bra justice.

From the front, it doesn't look too bad. However, I am lacking the cleavage I normally get from the 65FF. No apples in a basket for me. The straps are stretchy and I have to have them adjusted almost all the way. The adjuster is wider then the strap so it can be a little tricky. They are fully adjustable with a pretty embroidery on them that is typical for Ewa.

From this angle, it still looks pretty decent. There's some wrinkling near the strap, but nothing too bad.

And here's how much space I have. I can normally pull the cup away a little in my 65FFs but this is the worst I've had.

The wires are too wide (fingers mark the edge of tissue) but that is a common complaint in most of my Ewa bras. However, my 65FF CHPS come the closest to following my root even though the width is pretty much exactly the same. Weird.

Straps are wide set, as seen here. Pretty annoying, but something I could deal with.

A very classy photo I know. But this band was so stretchy I could pull the cup up over my breasts with almost no issues. I was trying to pull it up into my imf and *shoink*, I pulled a little too hard and my boob popped out the bottom. I tried to illustrate this here. 

All in all I really love this bra, but the band is simply too large for me as are the cups. I would keep the bra as a comfy lounging bra if the cups fit because it is really comfortable and an acceptable personal fit. I just prefer tighter bands in general (which is fixable in this case but the gappy cups aren't), and I think I'm a 65FF.5 and I plan on sticking to 65FFs in the future. I'd rather have a little quad then a big band and cups. I'm putting this one up for sale or swap.

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