Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ewa Michalak S Syrena 65FF and 65G

The Syrena was the one that lured me into ordering a Ewa Michalak bra. Like the sirens she was named after, she called out to me and whispered sweet nothings. As I have little to no impulse control to begin with, it wasn't hard to convince me to buy one. I also bought the matching thong because I absolutely love matching sets, and if I was going to buy something so special I might as well go whole hog. I had been on Bratabase for a little while by then so I did some research into sizes and I thought that the 65G looked good. It wasn't a perfect fit, but it did help me figure out what cup depth works for me. I chose the 65G because of the 9.5ish inches promised depth since my only other fitting bra was an unlined Freya in a 30F with a cup depth of 10. I'm still not sure why I can take a deeper depth in unlined bras that lined bras (the SM Summertime I eventually bought has a similar 9.5ish inch cup depth and fits beautifully).

The S is a 3 piece design, might be a balconette but don't quote me on that. It's higher cut then the PL and CHP designs Ewa also has. I think it's fuller coverage on me than it's meant to be (even in the right size) just because of how short I am and how high-set and tall-rooted my breasts are. It's a thin foam with nice cotton lining. There are pockets for cookies, which are included, that are loaded from the front. The cookies can be used for asymmetry or a little extra boost which is what I prefer them for. The straps are wide set, which is my typical complaint for Ewa, but fully adjustable. On to the pictures!

The 65G:

It looks to be a decentish fit from the front, but again, very full coverage. This bra is so gorgeous though, and all the details are so well thought out. I love those bows but they might not be to everyone's liking. The gore is higher but I did not find it too uncomfortable.

I love the shape I get from this bra. You can see some minor gapping, but the shape is very uplifted and perky. The gapping is minimized here but it was very visible whenever I moved around.

It's hard to see from this photo, but the wires are pretty narrow. However, you can see how close they are to my armpit, and that caused a major issue. The wires were really long and extremely uncomfortable. I could not wear the bra for more than a few hours because of it.

The back is pretty boring. Here you can see how wide set the straps are and how thick they are. Although they have very pretty detailing on the front they are fully adjustable. It just takes some effort. The straps are very soft and comfortable and pose no issues. I like how wide they are.

Because of the gapping I got whenever I wasn't standing still-even with the pads in-and the long stabby wires of doom, I sold this bra and got the next size down. The 65FF photos are taken without the pads in, I needed the pads in the 65G to fill out.

I took these photos in decent light so you can actually see what I'm talking about!

Still fuller coverage than I would ideally prefer, I still get some very nice cleavage out of the 65FF as well as the same lovely shape.

Look at the shape! Look at that uplift! Look at that no gap! I'm in love, can this bra get any better? I am aware that this is the opposite side I had the gapping on, but the difference is pretty much non-existent and this was a clearer, better photo.

You can see how narrow the wires are in this shot. That's what really bummed me out about this size. The original 65G had 5.4 inch wires which are too wide (my ideal is like 5.25). This size, which I was hoping would be narrower, is 5.5 inches wide! What gives, Ewa? This size should be narrower, not wider! It doesn't pose too much of an issue and still provides plenty of support.

Sadly, the placement of the straps didn't really change much. Since the wires in the 65FF are much lower, the straps don't pose too much of an issue and don't really harass my armpits.

With pads. I love how the top ribbon on the seam is green which the vertical one is blue. The lace is pretty but I wish the eyelashy bits stuck over the cup onto my skin. You can also see the ruffly ribbon on the straps. One detail I wish I had a better picture of is the adjusters. The straps are blue, but the adjusters are enameled green. Lovely attention to detail here folks!

With the pads in (which is how I usually wear it) I get the smallest hint of quad. However, I get a little gap down in the bottom of the bra because there isn't enough immediate projection for me-it goes up more like / instead of ) -and the pads help to fill that gap. I feel a little more secure with them in for this reason.

The matching thong is much sheerer then I was expecting but it's not too noticeable when I'm wearing it. I bought a size 40 for my 38 inch hips. It fits okay, I'd say true to size. I'm not sure about Ewa's underwear sizing since I have the Burgund briefs in a 36 which are a perfect fit and the Summertime briefs in a 40 which ride up. I believe that the difference between the two fits is because the Burgund has leg elastic and the Summertime briefs are just overlocked. I don't like that, but I'm rambling. The thong is absolutely just as beautiful as the bra and I'm glad I bought it.

Here is the front of them. You can see the lace and the frill on top. My ipod washed out the colours, but they match the bra. There are two bows on the front and one on the back. They are super incredibly comfy. I know thongs can get a bad rap but I don't feel these at all. They also don't really show up under clothing so they fulfill their purpose.

Finally, this is how sheer it is. This bra is in regular rotation in my wardrobe, and I'm always bummed when it's time to wash it because that means I can't wear it that day! I have another S on the way and the unlined S, SM style, too. It's a great shape and very versatile and I can't have enough.


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