Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ewa Michalak CHP Summer Time 65FF

I have always loved the SM Summer Time. It was the bra that got away. I never thought I would get a chance to own one and I never saw one second hand in my size (I did eventually get lucky, that review is coming up). A few months ago, Jaimie from Bra Obsessed sent out an email saying that Ewa had a small amount of fabric left and she could order some CHP style Summer Times if people wanted on. I unfortunately was jobless at the moment and couldn't afford it. The universe giveth, and the universe taketh away. However, sometimes the universe giveth again. Jaimie sent out another email a couple months later and said that there was style some fabric left, would anyone like an S style? I decided this was a sign and jumped on it. I originally ordered this in an S style, but at literally the last minute (Jaimie was just about to pack my order) I switched to a CHP that she luckily had in stock. I had tried a CHP only a few weeks earlier and I decided (at the time) I liked it better than the S style. Jaimie still has a few various Summer Times in stock: a PL, a CHP and an S here. I also ordered the thong but Jaimie mistakenly ordered/sent me a brief. Jaimie, being the absolutely amazing woman that she is, immediately rectified her mistake and ordered me a thong. I offered to send the brief back but Jaimie insisted I keep it. Bra Obsessed's customer service is second to none.

This bra is absolutely beautiful but there are some minor changes between the CHP (and S) styles: the bows are different and there is no checked fabric on the band of the later styles. The quality is pretty great. It doesn't feel as soft and luxurious as other models: the foam feels stiffer then the S Syrena, the lace is only attached at the seam and not the top, and the straps are kind of boring. I wish they had a scrunchy ribbon detail like the Syrena does. However, they are thicker then the SM Summer Time and flatter. They have loopy detail on the outside edges but no trim running down the middle They are fully adjustable and pretty comfortable. The band is so soft and luxurious though. It's super thick and satiny and I love how it feels. I've babble enough, on to pictures. I was really excited about this one so there's plenty.

Without the pads in. This shape is superb. It's very round, but more "hourglass from the front" then sucked in and pushed front.

Again, no pads. The bulges on top are my very noticeable trail of spence. Basketball boobs! A perfect fit. So lovely.

This band is nice and wide but still super low and out of my armpits. The straps aren't too widely set and don't really bug me.

With the pads in. Incredible cleavage but with some quadding.

Again, pads in. Shows minor quadding. I find that this doesn't really show up under clothes.

The back. It's kind of plain and I wish it didn't get so narrow. 4 rows of two hooks. You can see the straps are kind of wide set which is my always my biggest complaint.

I never think my breasts are big until I see them in pictures. Because of the embroidery, this does not hide well under clothes but it's so pretty I don't care. The first picture shows the "hourglass from the front" best. They're definitely not free of my arms! The straps do show under tanks but that doesn't bother me too much. I don't think many people are shocked I'm wearing a bra. I really love this bra and I'm glad I was finally able to try it. It's one of my favourites with or without the pads and I really recommend snapping one up from Jaimie before it's really too late.

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