Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Old Navy Bikini Top in Medium

My boyfriend took me out to the shops a week or so ago. I wandered into Old Navy just to see what shorts they had (negativo on the shorts) when I spotted this glorious rack of bikini tops! They looked seamed! And supportive and pretty! I grabbed a medium and full of false hope I tried it on. It did not work. It did not come even close to working. I do not know why I tried. I have given up, and have ordered the lovely Bra Obsessed Port bikini top by Comexim in a 65H (or 65HH? I don't remember-it was whatever Jaimie recommended) that should be coming in next week.

I did not purchase this swim top. I do not have measurements for you. I picked the one day to not carry my tape measure (I have no idea how I started this habit but it's been surprisingly useful). However I can say that it is wide and shallow. The band has 3 different 'tabs' I guess for the usual plastic bikini hooky thing but I would say that this would best be suited to 34 or 36 band best and for those that have wide shallow breasts that don't need too much support. The straps on this model are removable/multiway. I forgot to take pictures of that for you, sorry guys. The biggest disappointment is that the cups are not seamed. I completely understand why-it's quicker and cheaper-but I did get my hopes up. The quality is okay and if it fit I would have purchased it. When I saw it, it was priced around 30 dollars.

Looks deceptively good from the front. However, the gore is wide, resting on tissue and does not tack. I had no issues for once with the width of the strap placement. If you squint, you can almost see the fact that I did not fill the bottom of the cups. They were shallow and the overall cup is wide.

Again, almost looks like it fits! However, this is without the gore being pushed in place. When I pulled the band back tight, it was obvious that the cups were way too small. I got super quadding but I could not get a decent photo of that sadly. You can see the breast closest to the camera trying to sneak her way out.

And this is what happens when I pressed the gore flat. Quad city. Again, too wide and rests on tissue so it would have been a no go even if the gore voluntarily tacked.

Adjustable slots for the hook.

I can't figure out how to make this un upside down, but you can see the inside of the cup, the spots for the straps and the wire channel.

There was no tag information on this bra so I am unsure what it is called. For the price, the quality is okay. Again, I would reccomend it for a woman with a 34-36ish back with wide shallow breasts that are not close set and don't need too much support.

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