Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ewa Michalak Pl Burgund 65FF

Ewa Michalak is one of my favourite full-bust brands. They are based in Poland and carry one of the largest ranges of sizes I've seen and are willing to do some custom sizes. Since the customer service can be a hit or a miss, I prefer not to risk it and order my Ewa bras through Bra Obsessed if I can. Sizing can be tricky. I'm able to take my standard UK size but if you don't like tight bands you may need to size up. PL Burgund is one of the older styles and was made in 2011 I do believe. I bought this second hand from Reddit's r/braswap for an absolute song. I got the bra in a 65FF and the brief in a 36, which was a size smaller than I normally take. It's a gorgeous burgundy smooth knit covered bra with simple lace across the top of the cups and a bow on the center gore. Note: I have a prominent tail of Spence, especially on my right breast which is what that lump is.

The bra is foam-lined. As this is an older model, there are no pockets for foam inserts that some of the newer models have. The wires are very narrow and the cups are deep. It is medium coverage and doesn't show under my more low cut shirts. The straps are some sort of elastic in a casing and are relatively wide set. The straps have a tendency to scrunch up but I can flatten them when I wash the bra. They are, however, very plush and comfortable.

From the front, this bra gives a lifted shape with great cleavage. The low gore is comfortable and does not poke my sternum.

From an angle, however, you can see the minor quad I get in this bra. It's not that noticeable and doesn't show under shirts. I think the Ewa Plunge shape is not compatible with my inner fullness because if I sized up in the cups they would be too deep and wide. 

The plunge creates a nice round shape from the side and there's no evidence of the quadboob. There is adequate immediate projection for me and the cups don't collapse at the bottom or shift farther down throughout the day. The wings are low which are perfect for me. I find that higher wings do not work well with my combination of short height and high set breasts. In the same vein, the wires are also short due to the short gore and wings. A major plus.

The band is incredibly firm and there are two hooks and three columns. The bra is five years old and had been worn a few times before I got it, and the band only stretched to 28.5 inches. This is one of the biggest issues I have had with this bra. I am not sure if all plunges run tight since this is the only one I have. If I add an extender to fix the length, the straps, which are already too wideset, fall off my shoulders. Having the tighter band is more acceptable to me than having straps that fall off.

Here's how the bra looks under a shirt: the seams are relatively flat and don't show through. The straps, as you can see, are wide set and have a tendency to chafe after a while. I believe this is a result of my narrower frame. They are (or were) unfortunately half-adjustable so I had to shorten them permanently. I did so before these pictures were taken. It's a slight difference, but there wasn't as much uplift and I had no quadboob. The photo taken of the back of the bra was taken pre-shortening, but that doesn't affect much.

The quality of this bra is phenomenal. Besides a few popped elastics and some wear on the lace, there is no indication that the bra is as old as it actually is. The straps are still firm and supportive and the cups still hold their shape. The band is nice and firm still.

Overall, this bra is pretty comfortable and fits well. The wires aren't much wider than my roots and follow my inframammary fold almost perfectly. The gore is a comfortable firm tack that is low enough to not get in the way of my close set breasts and to allow for some cleavage. The two biggest negatives I have about this bra are the extremely tight band and the straps: both how wideset they are and the design of them.

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