Thursday, January 4, 2018

Ewa Michalak SM Tattoo in 65F

This bra isn't officially released yet, but I saw it posted on Ewa Michalak's facebook page and just had to have it. I emailed the shop and Kaska told me I could order it if I wanted. I feel so stupid though because I ordered the wrong size! I thought that I took all my unpadded bras in a 65F so that's the size I ordered. Looking through my other SMs here at home, I apparently order a 65FF. So keep in mind that this bra is a size too small. I'm keeping it anyway because who knows when/if I'll get another chance to order it!

The SM Tattoo is a gorgeous tan based bra with black lace over it. With warmer tanner skintones, it should look like the mesh just disappears. On my pasty self, that doesn't happen but it's still an absolutely beautiful bra. I was a little disappointed in the quality of the lace because there are loose threads at the end of all the embroidered bits. I'll just have to be super careful when I wash it. It has a big bow on the gore of the bra and the front/back of the briefs. It has removable cleavage straps and fully adjustable regular straps. I love how this bra looks and I wish I had gotten the right size.

I have had the song "Feeling Myself"playing in my head as soon as I put this bra on. Look at it! It almost looks like it fits perfectly. I have quad and the wires are a smidge too narrow for me and the gore doesn't tack as well as my SMs do but I'm so happy that this bra mostly fits. The band is tight. It measures only 28.5. While that is perfect for me, others who prefer a looser band might want to size up in this style. In the future I'm going to order 28 band because this one is awesome. 

I get a little bit of a flat 3/4 profile because it's too small, but I have almost no visible quad at this angle. I love how low the gore is though and I wish the next size up was so low too. 

Here you can see that I bubble over a smidge. I wouldn't wear this with super tight clothes but regular t-shirts and sweaters shouldn't be a problem. 

And the extent of the quad. I don't think the wrinkles will be as bad in the next size up, but they'll still be there. The cups feel a little unstable because they're so low coverage, but I can deal with that.

And here is the bra with the removable spaghetti cleavage straps! I think they had a lot to the look. I will probably leave them attached to the bra so I don't have to worry about losing them. 

This is the first bra I've received with quality problems that weren't limited to loose threads. There's one spot on the lace that has the black threads connected. It's an easy enough fix with a pair of snips, but still annoying. Also visible is all the loose threads. I'm not sure how that affects durability but I'll be extra careful! I love love love the little silver in the scallops along the edge. It's the only place the silver is visible. The rest of the lace has a beautiful pearly tan embroidery (along with the flowers). The straps attach to a loop in the gore-which is surprisingly hard to do-and little circles under the strap bows. The bow attachment isn't super sturdy but they aren't coming off the gore anytime soon. 

I found the underwear to fit pretty true to size. I wish the top ruffle was lace, but as it's not a stretch lace I presume the all soft mesh was for comfort. It's got the ruffle edge instead of leg elastic. I've warmed up to the idea of the ruffle edge so I'm fine with that. For me, the gusset was a smidge too wide and it is lined in cotton. It has big bows on the front and the back. The spaghetti straps on the briefs adjust with the rhinestone adjusters. While this brief matches the bra better than the Ja Wiem set, I wish either the brief had the plan black adjusters or the bra had the rhinestone ones.

Overall, I am in love with this set. It's beautiful and so comfortable and most importantly I feel amazing in it. I'm going to hold on to this 65F for now but if it becomes available in Ewa's shop I will grab a 65FF in it for a slightly better fit. Normally I don't talk price but since this one isn't for sale yet I paid 199 zl for the bra and 79 zl for the brief, or about $80 usd. 

Edit: The bra is now available in Ewa's shop for 239 zl.

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