Saturday, December 30, 2017

Comexim Atena Longline in 65HH

Ugh you guys. I hate not having positive reviews or experiences for you guys but here we go. I don't know what happened with this bra. It held so much promise but fell so flat. It's not a bad bra, it just didn't work for me and I'm so bummed. Atena is a gorgeous black long line with gold trim and a red tuxedo bow. The matching underwear do not look like they belong with the set. They do not have the same kind of lux look as the bra. They are very strappy and skimpy and I regret ordering them. They make me very uncomfortable because of where they fit on me. I've noticed with Comexim that, for me, their underwear is either too full coverage or way too sexy with little in between.

For reference, this is what the bra is supposed to look like:

Image courtesy of Comexim

So that image definitely shows a little gore dangle, which I did not receive on mine. I have a mix of flash and non-flash photos so I apologize for the inconsistency!

My flash photo didn't turn out well but guys. I have never been so disrespected by a bra that is *supposed* to fit in my life. This photo hides the truth. I had asked for the straps to be moved in, overlapping gore, and standard plunge cut. I think the only thing that Comexim did was overlap the gore because this is a shallow, arm pit eating disaster. There's not much immediate depth, the cups are tall and the gore is resting on tissue. It has 5 hooks and 4 rows of eyes which is great. The band stretches to 31.5 which would be too big for me in a non-longline. As it is, if I was actually going to wear this bra I would need to start on the second row. The band tapers in so that it is narrower on the bottom than the top. The straps are super smooth and have no grip so trying to get into this bra means that I then need to spend 5 minutes shortening the straps all the way. 

You guys. I have no idea what the hell is the matter with the shape of this bra.  It doesn't look like there is too much space on the outside, and it looks to be projected enough in the middle, but when I swoop and scoop the outside of the bra becomes empty and my tissue escapes out the middle. I settle into less quad but still. The last bra (actually bikini) I ordered from Comexim was a 65HH and it fit fine. I filled the bra out on the sides and the middle. That was a plunge cut as well. I haven't changed size in the Ewa bras I wear every day so I don't know what to say went wrong. 

Attack of the boob. It's super hard to see but on the far away boob you can see the wire is barely below my imf. That was the best I could do with how shallow it was.

I love the shape from the side-super projected and round. If I can direct your attention to the armpit/strap region (which I apologize for cutting off!) you can see my second biggest problem with this bra. It has this wrinkle in it. It's a deep wrinkle built into the bra. It's awful. I can't believe it was meant to fit this way, but when I emailed Anna to return the bra for a manufacturing fault she said "What you show us in the picture is not a flaw. that's how we sew our bras and bras for Wellfitting. Wrinkled rubber under the arm helps good body hold when the size is well-matched. We sew the same Wellfitting as it's our construction. From the picture it looks like the bra is too big for you. You have free space under your arm. Bra is too much pulled up, the bust is not well placed in it." I am so upset about this. I can't pull the bra up any higher. It's in my armpit already and the wire would be resting on tissue. The photo I sent her showed that I had quad and that my armpit was eating the bra. I can understand getting a wrinkle like this in an unlined bra. But getting a wrinkle like this in a foam bra means that either there's something deeply wrong with the way it's made or with my body and I don't like either of those options.

So once I wear it for a bit it settles into some minor quad that is not visible under shirts. It's a nice soft material but the inside is a little scratchy/stiff.

Close up of the wrinkle. I doubt it would be as bad if the cup wasn't so tall and the cups weren't wideset. It's barely visible when not worn so I assume most of the problem is shape incompatibility.

The cups are super tall on my petite frame and just overwhelm me.

Something I noticed was that the gore is taller than the cups. Just by a smidge, but it looks sloppy. The loop around the bow is also not attached to the bow itself, and then there is the missing gore dangle.

Overall I'm disappointed and disheartened. I was so excited for this bra and it just fits all wrong. I got a medium in the panties, stupidly thinking that since they were adjustable I would be fine. Nope. They are too small, even when the straps are as loose as they'll go. I wish I had ordered a size up. I don't think this bra would have been as much of a disaster if it was done in the regular, non-shallow plunge cut and with the straps moved in. 

I hate not having positive reviews, but this bra plain didn't work for me. I think I'm done with Comexim. They have some cute designs but they don't pull me in the way Ewa Michalak's do. I wasn't allowed to return it because it was 'custom' even with that big wrinkle down the side. It's decently constructed for the price. If you need more apex projection and room at the sides and tall cups, this longline is for you! I have it for sale here with the matching panties. 


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