Thursday, April 12, 2018

BM Cabernet in 60FF

About a month and a half ago, I emailed Jaimie at Bra Obsessed to see if she knew about any upcoming releases. She sent me some pictures, and the only one I remember is this BM Cabernet (I do know the other ones were already teased/released by Ewa Michalak). It was so gorgeous! I wish I still had the stock photo Jaimie sent me but I deleted it ages ago.

I decided to try a 60 band this time, so I went from a 65F to a 60FF. I'm glad I did because this band runs a little stretchy. It's a really soft, beautiful deep purple-brownish lace. It has a knitwear band, which is my favorite kind. It has a big bow in the middle and ribbons folded over with a button on the straps. It seems to run small/wide and I'm not sure if it's this size in general or if it's this style in particular. I also ordered the thong in a 38. If I'm ordering coords from Ewa Michalak I go with thongs. I usually always like her thongs but her briefs can be hit or miss. It ended up being mostly knitwear with some lace in the middle. I was hoping it would be all lace. The knitwear along the backside has lettuce edging and it looks really comfortable.

I wish Ewa's unpadded models didn't look so full coverage on me. I'm getting some wrinkles near the bottom, but I otherwise fill the cups pretty well. The gore is nice and low and sits perfectly. This lace is gorgeous and I love the oversized roses.

The profile on this one is a little pointier than some other BM models I've tried but it's not too bad at all. It's uplifted and close to my chest. The wires are a little wide, but because the wings are so low it doesn't bother me at all. The stretch lace helps cover any slight bubbling I might have on my larger side. The band stretches to 29.5 which is a little looser than I prefer. I was really hoping it would be true to size and stretch to 28 or even 27.5 inches but 29.5 will be perfectly ok. There are 4 rows of hooks so if really starts to bother me I can tight it up a smidge.

The thong is a little boring. I wish it was more lace than knitwear. I haven't tried it on yet but I know the ruffle edge styles usually run comfortable. I wish that there were buttons somewhere on this to tie in with the bra, but otherwise it matches perfectly.

Overall, I love this bra. The color is an absolutely gorgeous deep cabernet color and the lace is so soft. I really like how the 60FF fit so I think I'm going to keep ordering 60 bands in the future. I have a 60G CHP that's unfortunately been lost in the mail. Hopefully I get it soon so I can see how it fits. 

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