Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ewa Michalak BM Tajemniczy Ogród 65F

I mentioned in a previous review that I had tried all Ewa Michalak styles currently available in my size range except for the SF and the BM. Well, I can cross the BM off that list-all that's left is to try the SF. About two months ago I emailed Jaimie to see what BMs she had in stock/on order. She mentioned the Tajemniczy Ogród, and although I thought it looked like a grandma floral, I did place an order for one. I read a review that said it was comfortable and I liked that it had tulle on the top instead of lace. I thought that that would give a smoother line under clothes (spoiler-it does!). The day after I ordered it I sent Jaimie another email asking if there was any way I could add a thong to my order. I wasn't expecting to be able to since this batch of orders was already in production but Jaimie was able to convince Ewa to make one for me! The only blip in my ordering process was wait time: Jaimie tried something new to prioritize customer orders over stock so she sent in 3 orders, I think. According to the newsletter, Ewa just held on to these orders as they were produced and shipped them all at once at the end instead of as they were completed. So while I should have gotten this bra weeks ago, I didn't receive it until today. This is frustrating but I hope others don't avoid ordering from Jaimie because of Ewa's decision.

When ordering the BM, for whatever reason it is generally suggested to size down. I think this is because it's stretchy? In any case, I decided it was common advice for a reason and I did so. I'm glad I did because this fits perfectly! My biggest gripe (as usual) are the straps are too wideset. The band feels a little tight so I wear it with an extender. The extender also helps to eliminate some of the wrinkling I get in the bottom of the cups. I'm seriously in heaven with the gore/wing/wire width situation of the 65FF and in an ideal world I'd have the depth of a 65FF with the construction of a 65F. The pattern of the bra extends all the way to the back as does the little lacey frill at the bottom. The stretch tulle at the top is simply folded over. BM styles are made with a laminate fabric that I was afraid would be stiff or itchy/uncomfortable. That is not the case. This bra is so comfy I don't want to take it off and the thong is simply adorable. The entire set gives off ballerina/soft/sweet vibes. I also didn't realize how much of my room you could see so I apologize for any mess. I'm trying to figure out a better spot for photos.

Because of the tulle at the top, this bra isn't as supportive as some of my other options. I'm okay with that because I have only one speed most of the time and that's slow so I'm not often in need of mega support. You can kinda see the wrinkling here on lefty. I *love* how low this gore is-only 2 inches! And the uplift is great! I wish the strap bows were a little smaller because I figure they'll show under my tank tops as usual. It's hard to tell but in my size range the BM is a 3 part cup. 

These cups fit perfectly. A 65FF would definitely be too big. Again, I love the low gore, narrow and short wires and short wings a 65F gives me. 

What I love about Ewa's bras is the shape. It's pretty consistent: round but with a subtle peak. Not too much immediate projection but I can handle it. 

The cups/straps are joined together in the same way that the SM bras are.

I wanted to buy the brief originally but I'm firmly pro-leg elastic since the ruffled hem used on this brief would ride up. Luckily for me Jaimie was able to rustle up this thong because it's so cute. I love all the bows and the use of the sheer tulle for the sides and back. I'm not sure if the double layers will hide well under tighter clothes but I think I can put up with that. These are a 38 I think because I heard they ran looser. I'm all over the place in Ewa's underwear: I've tried everything from 36-40. Some of the 38s were too tight, some of the 40s were too big and the 36 oddly fit. I usually order a 40 unless I hear it runs loose since I prefer my underwear to be a little too loose then too tight.

This is such a beautiful girly set and I'm glad I took a risk on it. It's super comfortable and I couldn't ask for a better fit. If you want to get your hands on one, Ewa Michalak is on vacation right now but Jaimie at Bra Obsessed might have some in stock and Zathiya doesn't appear to have any. 

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