Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bra Obsessed Excluxive Ewa Michalak PL Fairytale in 65FF

I know I've been bad about reviews lately. I've been putting this review off for a while for two reasons: recent comments about my preferred fit and the quality. When I posted my review for the BM Tajemniczy Ogród, there were a couple of remarks on Bratabase saying that the bands were too tight and I needed to size up. While I'm sure the users weren't meaning to be rude, that's the way they come off.  While others are entitled to their opinions and I do respect and appreciate others comments and suggestions about the fit of my bras, I prefer a band as tight as possible. My breasts may not be big enough for me to need a band that is as tight as I can comfortable stand it but that is what I prefer. I do not plan on trying a size up in the band unless the bra is known to run small since I am comfortable in this band size and that's all that matters. Members of the bra fit community rail against the +4 way of measuring: if I took those users' advice and sized up to a 32 band that is exactly what I would be doing and I would get absolutely no support. Not only that, but I've had issues with my self esteem forever. Put yourself in my shoes: how do you think you would feel if someone is telling you that there's no way you're a 30 band and you definitely need a 32? I know 32 isn't that big, but that still makes me feel fat and bad about myself. So please, I'm interested in your opinions but if you want to comment about how tight my band is I respectfully ask you to not. Different people like different things and what you find comfortable is what another finds uncomfortable. Thank you to the people on Bratabase who sent me kind messages.

Moving on, this bra is disappointing. I know I said that about my Jezynka, but in that case I was talking about the design and not the quality. I have never been this disappointed in the quality of an Ewa bra before. The band is too big and stretchy and the lace does not match on both cups. Ewa's team has always been so good about matching the lace placement on each cup so that they look the best. Not only that, but this lace has these big flowers on it and there's not a complete one on my bra. You could fit like two on each cup. The issues with the lace make it look very sloppy and cheap. And as if to add insult to injury, the lace on the thong is perfectly mirrored on both sides so I know it's possible. I've looked at others Fairytale's too and none of the lace is mirrored on the cups and that's highly disappointing especially given the price point. However, I did settle and keep this bra. It's a super limited edition from Bra Obsessed (less then 30!) and I know I'd probably never get another one and even if I did the lace would probably not match either. I love the lace-it's so pretty and I like the fact that it is continued on the band. But I want flowers on the cups! That's not that big a request. The band is too big and the thong fits on the generous size. I should have sized down in both the band and thong.

This is the typical Ewa plunge cut which I LOVE. It's beautiful. It gives amazing cleavage and great shape. It's super comfy but the band is too big and rides up. It compromises support a smidge but more importantly I am aware of it throughout the day so it is not as comfortable as it could be. I am willing to overlook all of this since it's purple-silver over the top floral lace. The gore is super low and it's my new favourite style (well, it's a tie between that and the S...and then the SM and the BM are tied for non-padded favourite). I had a devil of a time capturing photos so I apologize for any blurry shots. I gave up after I got close enough. I've rambled enough-onwards!

These are all taken without the pads in. The gore on this model is *super* low-only 1.5 inches! With the pads in I pretty much get touching cleavage. Yeah, I didn't think that was possible without hella quadboob. It's kind of a more pointier cup but I'm okay with that. You can see how the lace is on the cups. It looks cheap and sloppy. The wings are low cut and the straps are very very much clear of my arms. The wires are perfectly narrow and follow my wider root perfectly. An awesome situation! So you can see on the side picture the marks from one of my bras with a tighter and more comfortable band which is like the second major downside to this bra.

Again, if you look closely you can see the marks from a bra that was tighter and didn't ride up. I usually wear this on the second hook of four. Another thing I like about this bra though are the straps. They aren't too wideset and are wide and very pretty. It's totally possible to adjust them over the ribbons-it just requires some elbow grease.

And this is the bra with the pads in. I am not ashamed to say that this is like 80% of the reason why I kept this bra. I have no idea how Ewa works her magic but it's awesome. I tried to capture this in the last photo but I get cleavage with no quad. Like, I get cleavage but instead of bulging out it's flat across. If that makes sense at all. I ordered a new bra in the PL style because it's so nice and comfortable.

Whoever made the thong put the effort in to match the lace on both sides, but for some reason the same care wasn't put into the bra. It's very stretchy. I could have easily sized down in the thong and band size which is what I noticed in the Jezynka. On the bra band, it's one layer of lace and one of mesh. It's an absolutely stunning lace and I do love it which was a big reason why I did decide to keep it. So while I am disappointed majorly with the quality of this bra, it is comfortable and I do wear it on a daily basis. I'm glad I revisited the PL cut as it fits better then my first experience with it. While this bra did give me second guesses as to whether I wanted to invest in another one (like wait and see what others think of new styles first to see if they have similar issues to this one) I have no impulse control. Luckily, the next one has no lace. Let me emphasize here: I have no problems with the quality of the structure or the integrity of the bra. I do have problems with the quality of the lace placement. That's the biggest, most obvious issue with the bra. Even if it fits beautifully, how many people will be willing to spend so much on a bra if it looks sloppy and rushed? Also, the lace isn't attached securely. It ripples and sticks up and impacts the bra's ability to fit under a tighter shirt. Speaking of, let's see how it looks under said tighter shirt:

Very projected and in your face. This review ended up being far longer then I meant it to be so in sum: great fit, very comfy, poor lace placement which is super disappointing. It's almost the perfect princess bra, but it falls a little flat.

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