Friday, August 19, 2016

Dreams and Underthings Bralette in 30FF

Yes, another bralette! And this one is my best fit yet. The woman who runs Dreams and Underthings, Laura, also makes bralettes! I've been eagerly awaiting the opening of her Etsy store which is where I bought this from. She has regular and midline bands as well as a lace option. I chose the midline band which sadly doesn't work as well for me as I had hoped (not through any fault of the bralette). You can choose the colours of your bralette, accents and straps/elastics. Before I ordered I got in contact with Laura to ask her three questions: how does the band run, how do the cups run, and can I please get shortened straps. Laura was prompt and courteous in her replies: band runs pretty true to size, if you're between cup sizes definitely size up and yes, she can shorten straps!

So with Laura's advice in mind, I ordered a 30FF. Dreams and Underthings' bralettes are made using UK sizes and some of you may notice that this is a cup size larger then other UK bras I've reviewed. Those were a little too small which was what had prompted my asking how the cups run. I had a lot of fun deciding on what colours I wanted. I ended up with grey for my main colour, navy for the straps/elastics/trims and red as an accent. The fabric is extremely soft and comfortable. I put it on and made a trip out and I forgot I was wearing it. I love the shape and how surprisingly supportive it is.

It is a two-seam triangle cup. It is relatively high coverage but I don't mind. I think this style works best with higher cups: it's more supportive. It gives a relatively east-weast appearance but I don't mind that at all. In fact, that's kind of what I want out of a bralette. A relaxed and not super projected, boobs in your face look. Look at all that lift this bralette manages to give though! The gore doesn't tack which I expected but when I pushed it in the shape didn't change much and I had no quad, making me glad I chose the 30FF. Despite the gore not tacking, my breasts remain very well separated which is perfect for the summer. No more gross boob sweat from them touching all afternoon! The cups are lined in this super soft red fabric which was a lovely surprise and is also rather firm which I suspect is what makes this bralette so sturdy and supportive. This also provides more nipple coverage if that is something that concerns you.

Oh yeah, look at that shape! So round and so lifted. I was so excited to put this bralette on and notice that my boobs stayed in the cups like they're supposed to. I was afraid that they would travel down into the band trying to find room for my projection but this bralette is very well designed in regards to that. The cups are rather wide at 7 inches which is about 1.75 inches wider then I need but it doesn't really bother me too much since the wings are so low and non-irritating. It also doesn't seem to impact shape or support but I wonder if Laura would narrow the cups on my next one-I plan on trying the regular band length next.

Laura went the extra mile and designed her bralettes with my favourite kind of back-the leotard back. I think that this style back just looks so much nicer and more polished and really reflects well on the designer. It's a thoughtful touch that shows she's thinking about the bralette as a whole.

Pushing the gore in shows that I made the right choice in sizing. These colours are the most true to life.

Straps are attached in the front and the back with rings. They are thin but not too stretchy so they aren't too uncomfortable. They are relatively narrow set and out of the way of armpits.

I am incredibly impressed with this bralette from Dreams and Underthings. Laura has worked hard to develop her pattern and grade it-she offers sizes 28C-H, 30B-GG, 32A-G, 34A-FF, 36A-F, 38A-E, 40A-DD. The quality is very good. I love that it's a bralette that's been designed with fuller busts in mind without looking like it's been designed for fuller busts. It is delicate but supportive and well-designed: the cups are lined to add more support as is the gore, the band is relatively wide and the cups are cut with lots of projection. All of these elements are what make it great for medium/larger busts who are otherwise either sized out of s/m/l bralettes or need something with more support or coverage. I would love to see Laura source some pretty funky/quirky prints (like food or animals) as well as the option to purchase some basic/easy additions/substitutions/changes like strap width and cup width in the future but I agree with her decision to focus on fit first and creating an impressive size range. This bralette is an affordable, comfy addition to my wardrobe and I can't wait to try my next one.


  1. OM gosh. You have amazingly beautiful skin. Your skin is so flawless I really thought the bra was on a mannequin.

    1. Thanks! I've been very lucky with that so far, especially considering how lazy I am with skin-care. :)

  2. OM gosh. You have amazingly beautiful skin. Your skin is so flawless I really thought the bra was on a mannequin.