Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bra Obsessed's Ewa Michalak SM Wanilla 65FF

I will be personally renaming this bra to "Betrayer" because it came off as all sweet and gorgeous and then brutally ripped my heart out. Uh...I mean, there's some fit issues present with this bra that I'll go over in due time. This is seriously still one of the most beautiful and flirty bras I've ever seen. I've wanted one since I saw a review for it but I put it off because I didn't want to spend the money. One day I did decide to take the plunge and order it because I noticed it was an older style and I didn't want to miss out by not ordering in time. I also got the matching thong because I'm worth it and it is amazing. I love all of my Ewa thongs but this one knocked it out of the park. I wasn't sure if I was going to post pictures on it as it has a peek-a-boo on the front so I decided to take pictures from the side/back angle of me wearing it and then have the floor model the front for me. It did a great job.  It's more bridal-vibey then I anticipated so if you have upcoming nuptials and love Ewa's SM's this could be the bra for you! This style is exclusive to Bra Obsessed and Jaimie does have some sizes in stock but of course you can always email her and order that way.

I ordered this bra in my usual 65FF and the thong in a size smaller then my previous 40, a 38. Honestly, I'm all over the place with Ewa's underwear. I've had an older 36 brief that fit great, 2 40 thongs that fit great, 2 38 thongs that fit great and a 40 brief that was too big. This thong is made of really stretchy mesh on the sides (very very sheer) so I would advise to size down. I love the lace, the pastel pink and the pearlescent white with the little tiny frills on the edges. The bow on the gore is the same pink with white polka dots and the two strap bows are bitty little white bows. The adjusters on the straps are white as are the hooks. The band is pretty much plain white with some fun trims on the wings. I find the cups fit the same way that my 2 other 65FF SM bra cups did but this band is what has betrayed me. It runs almost a full size tight and only stretches to 28.5 inches. That's no good-it's the exact same size as my underbust and I can't even fasten it without an extender. I need two rows on an extender to get it to fit. However, I am stubborn and determined to wear this bra. Now that I have this in my hands I don't want to wait any longer to receive a different size (I would be way more comfortable in a band that stretched to 29.5/30 but I am impatient). I'm noticing a theme here: I get really excited and take lots of photos of my new bras. So whenever I'm reviewing a new bra just expect a photo dump.

These wires are nice and narrow and follow my fold (on my wider left side) perfectly. There is no cutting in or gapping and I actually get some cleavage. The bra is deep enough, especially at the bottom, for all of my projection. I love the shape from the SM and I get a very similar shape from the S style. It's very uplifted and round but still has a nicely defined apex. The wires and wings are short and don't stab my armpits which is always appreciated. I like the smaller bows on the straps because I noticed the bows on the straps of my SM Cukiereczek show under my tank tops. So if that's something that bothers you, these are like ninja bows. They're small and white so they almost blend in with the strap. However, it looks like originally there were pastel pink bows which I would prefer but at some point they've been replaced with this white ones. The straps are soft and have embroidered edges to stop the adjusters from slipping. The gore is low and overlapping and as usual provides no problems.The taping on the seams is actually done on the inside of the cups meaning they will give a very smooth appearance under clothes. 

Sadly the only extender I have is black. This extender works on most of my other Ewas but the hooks on this one are set a little wider apart so the extender doesn't work as easily. If I fix the length of the back, then the straps are pushed pretty far out on my shoulders. Again, I'm stubborn and don't want to wait another 2 months so I'm just gonna put up with this. I doubt this bra will quickly stretch to wear I don't need an extender but we'll see.

When I first saw photos of this set on An Enhanced Experience, the woman who did the review had the briefs. They looked way too sweet for my tastes so I decided to try out the thong. It's got a sexy little peek-a-boo feature on the front which is framed by the lace, then the flat pom-pom trim and then the pink ribbon that the gore bow is made from. It's almost all stretchy mesh except for the opaque part and trim so I'm glad I sized down.

I really like how Ewa designs her thongs. I love the wide band. I find it to be more comfortable and doesn't dig in as much so it makes me feel better about my body. The band on this is exceptionally wide. It's like the top half is a brief the bottom half is a thong. I dig it. It's not traditional and I think it balances out the hard-core flirty nature of the bra and keeps it sweet instead of sexy.

 Peek of the thong part. See how wide that band is? There is a pink polka dot bow on the back too.

Glamour shots because this is the most beautiful bra I've ever put on my body. This would be my favourite bra if the band wasn't so tight but I shall wear it anyway. That just means it'll last longer, right? Luckily I have an extender handy. This bra is gorgeous and I'm glad I have it in my hands. If you're looking for bridal wear or just love really girly, flirty bras this one's for you. I do recommend you take on band size up and one cup size down on this one because of the band (sister size - 65FF    ->70F) but if you are sub 28 and don't want to pay for a custom order then this tight band would work to your favour! Remember that this is exclusive to Bra Obsessed so you'll have to order from Canada. This set is worth the money.

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