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Wellfitting Meow Classic Demi in 65HH

I have always wanted a bra like this-covered in a quirky or weird print and cats definitely suit the bill! Ordering this bra was not as easy as ordering from some other retailers. Originally, this bra was going to be available in a longline only. I emailed Wellfitting to confirm the rumor and when they did, they also asked if there was anything they could do to help me out. I asked if I could order it as a regular band and they just responded by saying it was longline only. No explanation, no nothing. What's the point of asking if they could help if they would refuse my simple alteration? They partner with Comexim, which is one of the most alteration friendly brands to work with. I understand if Wellfitting just didn't want to logistically deal with a million and one alterations but I thought that offering it in a regular band was a reasonable request. I am not ashamed to say I bugged them and got others to bug them and eventually they offered it in the regular as well as long band. My biggest issue, besides the original lack of regular band, was the price. Comexim sells bras for max $40 USD. Wellfitting's cheapest bra is $59, while their most expensive is $90. That means that they're marking their bras up at least 50%. I would never ever pay that much for a Comexim bra unless it was a print that I will never find any where else, like the Meow. Honestly, the prices are expensive, you can no longer return stuff to the US and the customer service wasn't anything special. I appreciate all that Wellfitting does and is but I doubt I will be a repeat fan. While companies like Bra Obsessed and Zathiya sell their Polish bras for a markup, it comes with unbeatable customer service and still reasonable prices.

The Meow is available in longline and regular bands as a 'classic demi' only. The classic demi is their term for a 3 HC cut. There is a high-waisted brief, regular brief, and thong as coord options. It has a plain black back for the bra and coord as well as kind of cheap feeling straps. The cups fit perfectly, although the measurements say that shouldn't be possible. It's super deep and super open so while not the shape I originally wanted (I really wanted the plunge cut) it still gets along perfectly well with my body. I'd say it fits tts for a Comexim 65HHI am also not ashamed to say I emailed Anna at Comexim to ask for one alteration: moved in straps. I sent her my Wellfitting order number and practically begged her to do this one thing for me. While I have no proof that it was done, when trying it on the straps are so far from my armpits it's hard to believe it wasn't. On Wellfitting, it says that it may take up to 4 weeks for manufacturing and in my case it took the full 4 weeks, although shipping to the States was quick enough (I'm still waiting on something shipped from Canada that was shipped 11 days ago).

Look at how narrow set those straps are! This is what heaven looks and feels like guys! The foam on this bra is medium thick. It's more of an hourglass from the sides look rather than all pushed in to the front. The gore overlaps and is super narrow. The bow is super adorable. It's orange with two little silver ribbons put on top to look like whiskers. The center gore is kind of high (2.75 inches) and is taller than other 3HCs I own. This difference is noticeable but still tolerable. 

The silky ribbon on top of this bra might make it a smidge more closed off but unless you're super full on top I wouldn't worry about it. The immediate projection is great and gives me plenty of room for my breasts to sit.

Relatively narrow cups. I'm grateful for the all black band because, while I love cats and floral, I think that it would be super overwhelming to have this particular pattern continue onto the band and back of the bra.

If you look closely, you can see some sort of weird shiny texture on top of the cat print. This disappoints me so much. It cheapens the look of the bra and makes no sense whatsoever. It would make more sense on a plain bra but on a patterned one it's overwhelming and distracting.

Narrow set straps! Love love love! My favorite Comexim alteration. The straps have some kind of decoration on them to stop them from slipping. They are kind of stretchy but not too bad. I cannot fault the quality of the bra, besides the odd textured overlay. It's a buttery soft fabric with cotton lined cups. The satin binding on the top has been carefully stitched so that it's smooth and the foam is nice and supple and not rustley. The powernet on the wings feels strong but not scratchy. It looks like some kind of fabric tape has been placed over the seams on the inside, maybe to strengthen them or to provide a smoother fit? One side of my bow is twisted like a mobius strip. No one else will probably notice it but I do and it bugs me. It shouldn't have been overlooked, especially at this price point.

I purchased the matching thong for this in size medium. I'd say it runs relatively true to size but if you're between sizes size up. The edges of the thong are bound in the same satin as on the top of the cups and the back is sheer mesh. It's one of my new favorite sets to wear.

I applaud Wellfitting for its diverse ad campaign and range of models. I, however, cannot justify the prices on bras that I could either get somewhere else cheaper or get something comparable and cheaper. The customer service was just okay and I would much prefer it if you could still return stuff to the States as to me that was a major selling point in the beginning of its existence. I'm too lazy to return stuff but it was nice to have that option in the back of your mind, especially for those who are new to the world of Polish lingerie. I hate having to write reviews that are less than positive, especially for a independent company that is producing good product. I think I'll stick to buying direct unless they come out with another cool print bra because to me personally, that is the only thing that makes the price point worth it.

Wellfitting Meow Classic Demi 30HH

* Stretched band length: 30.0in
* Band length: 23.0in
* Cup width: 5.5in
* Cup depth: 9.0in
* Wire length: 9.5in
* Cup separation: 0.3in
* Cup height: 5.5cm
* Gore height: 2.8in
* Wing height: 4.0in
* Strap width: 0.6in
* Hooks: 2

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