Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ewa Michalak SM Ja Wiem in 65FF

Ever since it came out, I loved the SM Ty Wiesz. Stupid me though never ordered it. I thought it would never work for me, that the straps would be too long and the tops of the cups would reach my shoulders (it looked super tall). I put it off and off and off, reading review after review and seeing picture after picture of it. A few weeks ago I decided I had waited too long. Unfortunately, I was unable to order it from Ewa directly and when I reached out to Jaimie she was told that there was no more fabric to make this one. I waited too long! Ewa had released the same model, Ja Wiem, but in pink several months ago. I wanted the Ty Wiesz so badly because the tan would have been a much better match for my skin. Unfortunately, since I still wanted to try this style and I had screwed myself over, I didn't have much of a choice. I found this set on Bratabase in my preferred sizes of 65FF and 38 and that sealed the deal.

For this model, there is only a brief option. It is in Ewa's lovely unlined 3 part balconette cup and it is super sexy. Not only is it sheer, but the black cleavage straps are so fun and the cup's seams and wire casings are covered in black shiny fabric, as is the seam on the wings and the straps. The black cleavage straps are fully adjustable and have the cutest little rhinestone adjusters. The rhinestone adjuster is also on the gore on top of Ewa's signature big fat bows. The briefs are almost just as lovely. The only gripe I have with them is that they have some lace on them that is not present on the bra. Both items run true to size in my opinion. The brief is lower cut and has black spaghetti straps on them as well that really work to highlight your figure. The cups on the bra are made of mesh while the band is made of powder pink knit. The straps are thick and almost do not adjust short enough: while they provide plenty of support and feel perfectly fine, if I wasn't so lazy I would shorten them.

My worries were partly correct. The top of the cups is a little tall but I don't think it's too much taller then normal and it doesn't actually reach my shoulders! You can see here that this color doesn't really work too well on me in terms of 'disappearing' which is what I'd much prefer. This model seems to run shallow at the wire so sometimes if I've been wearing this for ages I have to pull the wires back up to my imf which doesn't really bother me. Almost no wrinkling! The one thing about those straps is they rest on breast tissue or something since I'm constantly aware of them throughout the day. I think they're well worth the very minor discomfort.

Ewa's signature perfect shape. Very uplifted and perky. As usual, it's not basketball boobs. I much prefer this shape. I feel very secure in this bra. The wires are perfectly narrow and well out of my armpit's way. The wire casings overlap a little bit at the gore and the gore is super low. 

This band is perfectly true to size and stretches to 30 inches. It is very comfortable and the knit is super soft. I don't even feel it when I wear it. 

This was the cause of my biggest concern. I love the fact that Ewa thought about and designed the back of the bra and I love the triangle straps. However, the adjustable part of the strap is almost too long. Those triangle straps are non-adjustable. I find them super comfortable and help pull the straps in. Which means that, for the first and most likely only time, Ewa's straps don't bother me with this bra! They aren't too wide-set for me since that second strap in helps pull the adjustable part of the strap in close to my back instead of my sides.

And here's how it looks under my favorite crop top. It's relatively flat and doesn't show-except for those sexy spaghetti straps! 

And this is the set all together! It's so super gorgeous and I'm so glad that there are full bust bondage/strappy options out there. The brief is entirely sheer. You can see the lace on them. I find that this doesn't go with the rest of the set and it would make more sense if it was on the bra as well. I still haven't found the most flattering spot to put the straps yet. The briefs fit true to size. Any signs of them being too small is just my body being weird. They are lower rise then I was expecting meaning they work perfectly for me. I have a littly bit of a tummy and my other Ewa briefs hit right at my tummy so they flip down and bug me.

I love this set so much even though it's not the color way I wanted. I still think this color works okay for me and I'm glad I have this set in my rotation. While it might seem strictly boudoir, this bra is a workhouse and consistently holds up to long 9 hour days. It's super comfy and super cute, and there's no better combo than that.

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